this one time with three managers and a server…

have you ever had a hangnail that you REALLY know you need to take care of but that you KNOW will cause you excruciating pain when you finally rip the sucker off? so instead, you decide to just let it be. 80% of the time it doesn’t bother you… just a little dull ache on your thumb. and then you go do something dumb like grab a towel and you’re like:

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THE PAIN! Oh they’ll tell you a papercut is the worst kind of pain… it’s a LIE. there are many pains worse than a papercut. this is one of those pains. to me, a hangnail in the wrong place at the wrong time hurts down into your soul. ok so maybe i’m being a touch dramatic.

so one very cool thing that i want to share about my fellow managers… we are kind of a big deal. for reals. so today,  my opening cook had to leave and i didn’t have any major plans so i decided to go in and cook this morning. what you don’t realize is that when the only staff in the house are three managers and a server… things get silly.

out came the iconic 80’s pop dance hits and bad basic-girl dancing. i may have even done the carlton for a minute or two on line. maybe. like just once. or twice. oh… all the managers are chicks. it’s important. we even have a  hashtag… #mightlyladiesofboone

OH and apparantly we are getting ready to have the rain shower of the century here in the high country. i’ve heard rumor that tweetsie (a high country landmark) will close this weekend. this is unheard of. for serial. and it’s homecoming weekend. my life just got a little less predictable.


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