A series of very unfortunate events

Come on in,
Sit right down.
I’m gonna tell you a story
About this town.

Now that I’m home
And my day is done
It’s time to tell all about how
The west(ern nc) was won.

I’m not a poet, but you knew that already. I just thought a little abcb rhyming was in order. Sometimes the little idiosyncrasies of life all seem to gang up on you and you have a very bad day. So let me tell you about my day and what I learned from it.

I had a bad day. To begin with, I woke up and remembered that I have no running water in my house because the line connecting my house to the well is, well (pun intended), broken. This isn’t a new development except that when I woke up I was terribly thirsty. It also reminded me of the very long list of to do items I have to complete to get my water fixed.

Fortunately, I was able to take off work to get my to do ta-done. The first thing was to return the rental car. You see, my car… Affectionately known as the Green Machine (both because she is green and because she costs me a lot of money) has been dubbed “around town only” and she doesn’t go faster than 55 mph or below 3,000 feet above sea level. So if I need to travel, renting it is.

I get to Enterprise and find that the car I’m driving has been magically checked in at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. This is incredible because, well, I’ve never been to Chicago. And because the car that is supposedly in Chicago is actually in Boone. How about them apples?

Once we resolved that issue, the awesome guys at Enterprise offer me a lift to my car since I had to leave it off-site. I love the Enterprise guys. They’re so sweet! So we get to the mall, and my car is missing.

Why would someone want to steal my 14 year old, 200,000 mile sporting car?

As I glance up, if see a tiny sign 15 feet in the air that says that all cars will be towed to a lot in Vilas. For those of you not familiar with the area, Vilas is NOT within walking distance and NOT on public transit routes. Oh and it’s gonna cost me $125… In cash.

I burst put into hysterical laughter. And tears. I think I may have scared the poor enterprise guy. A lot.

Once I calmed down enough, he said simply:

What can I do?

I almost started crying again. In short the man drove me to my car to get my checkbook, back to boone to get cash, back to my car and made sure that everything was ok before he went back to work. He helped me out, taking his time and his lunch break to make sure I was ok. And he doesn’t know me from Adam.

It’s Veterans Day. And today I am so very thankful for all of my family, my friends, and my strangers who have given themselves so that I have the opportunity to have a bad day. As unhappy as I was at certain parts of the day, I have the right to drive, to rent a car, to work, to own my own home, live a life of relative comfort because of them. I learned that while the road we travel on may be bumpy or at times riddled with potholes, I am lucky to have one to travel on.

Thank you Veterans for all that you do, all that you give, and all that you fight for. We are a country protected by the bravest of us all. Both of my grandfathers were veterans and I was lucky enough, for a short time, to know them.

Oh… The Enterprise guy who sacrificed his day for me? A Veteran.


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