Don’t be a Halloweenie!

I love Halloween. But for different reasons now than I did in college and when I was younger. Aside from the obvious reasons, ahem, candy… When I was little it was the one time a year I got to be someone else for a little while. In doing that I got to be free… Strange as it sounds, behind a mask, under the makeup, I got to be more myself. That still fits me today, I feel much more comfortable behind the scenes than in the spotlight.

In college, obviously, it was a great reason to party like my inner rock star. However, since then, my inner rock star? Yeah she’s retired. Now I prefer chillin on the couch in front of the fire watching (and singing along to) the nightmare before Christmas… Again.

Some things I have learned from 29 high country Halloweens:

1. Trick or treaters only come when you don’t have any candy. It never fails. You forget the candy and they will come. In droves.

2. On the years when you forget the candy, don’t forget to wear pants. Now, I love getting off work and taking off my pants and getting in my pajamas. But when the tiny humans come (and they will come especially in the years you have neither candy nor pants) they won’t appreciate your lack of pants as much as you do. Neither will their parents.

3. If you live in a college town and don’t want to party? Just. Go. Home. College students are crazy. As in coo coo for cocoa puffs. And you don’t want none of that mess. But I love those hot-mess-of-an-almost-adult college students. So I forgive them.

Whatever you do, fall in love with Halloween. Embrace the joy, the freedom, the sheer fun.

And be safe.


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