i suppose it’s time to ‘fess up…

so i tried one of those online dating sites a while ago. there. i said it. i know that there are people everywhere that have met their significant other online and are happy as a unicorn on a cloud of rainbows, but i’ve never thought it would be for me. i’m more of a “i need to get to know you to your face” person. until a friend of mine talked me into it by convincing me it’s like “man shopping.” so i broke down and decided to try it. i mean what the hell right? here is what i learned: i’m glad i tried it so that i know for a fact, it’s just not for me.

now i know that by having this blog and putting my thoughts out there in the universe i probably share a little too much. but the thing is, i’m comfortable with myself (for the most part) and it’s just damn therapeutic to let things out of my head. i know that i should be writing it all down in a journal, but i realized that i like that other people can see my thoughts. i read someone elses random thoughts once and even though they will never know it, those random thoughts helped me go through something really tough and come out on the other side. so if my random, adhd, cray-cray, single 29 (!) year old thoughts can do that for someone else out there, i’m just gonna put it out there. it’s not like i’m telling my (or anyone elses) secrets… well except for this one. but it’s not really a secret anymore is it?

back to the post at hand. i share a lot. but what some other people share is way waaaayyy too much. something about being online gives people the idea that they can say things that are just not right. there are just some things on these sites that can’t be un-read. know what i’m saying? like the one guy who’s obsessed with chickens. {{inward shudder}} also… the propositions. oh dear. bless their hearts. and i mean that in the most southern way possible. do they think i’m some kind of… um… yeah there’s no nice word for that. i may not be a supermodel, but that does not mean i think any less of myself. and for someone to assume that i base my self worth off of what i look like is well… not. cool.

needless to say, i gave that up. i know that some people would say that you can’t judge the whole orchard by a few bad apples and i didn’t. i didn’t quit right after that incident, but it’s really just not my style.


oh and rocktober has returned to town. i love this month. it’s beautiful and i can make my entire mortgage payment in like a weekend if i’m lucky. that being said, please as fall rolls around, if you are going out to eat in a tourist town, take care of your servers. this time of year is insane. especially if you are in a college football tourist town. and servers/service industry workers remember what i said, we are all in this together so help each other out. we’ll get though this one kickoff, one fallen leaf at a time.

ok. we’re done here.


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