it’s the little things in life.

i had a really good weekend. friday i took the day off, just to be off work, and wandered around my sleepy little town (which… come to think of it… isn’t actually that sleepy this time of year). i had an epic (as in multiple hours) long lunch with a dear friend… who is also probably the funniest person i know. we laughed until we cried, oh and i also stabbed the roof of my mouth with an oyster shell. it happens.

i also had the chance to go to a wake forest/nc state football game. i of course being the freakshow that i am, managed to get punched in the face (very much an accident) by an over excited fan. really? i’m the queen of wrong place/wrong time. i’m now the proud new owner of a mini black eye. it is a badge i wear with honor and pride (ok so maybe i cried just a little bit when it happened).

i also had the chance to shoot one of my best friends (no, not with a gun… with a camera) in her wedding gown for her bridal portrait. fortunately, she’s one of those people who loves to have her picture taken so, i went just a tad crazy. unfortunately, thanks to the government shutdown, i couldn’t use the location i wanted to use and had to go to my backups.

and yesterday i also got to spend the day with my perfect nephew. seriously, the kid is too cute for his own good. the whole ride he was studying me like i had two heads or something… it was hilarious. nothing i said or did phased him. but then he decided he liked me and tried to eat my hand. and my check engine light came on again on the way back up the mountain.

i know it sounds like i’m complaining about something that happened during each of these events. i’m not. in fact, the black eye incident is so funny to me i’m still laughing about it. the point that i’m trying to make is that it’s not the little things that can ruin an otherwise good day, they add a layer, they add color and vibrance.

it’s a lot like looking at a good photograph. doesn’t matter if it’s in color or not. the light areas aren’t the only thing that exist in the picture. to have a good picture, you have to have the darks. they balance. they make you appreciate the light. they add depth and importance. someone told me you can’t appreciate joy without pain, i get that now. it’s about the contrast, about not living in a flat world. embrace the darks.

in other news (i think i use that phrase too much but it’s such a good segway (did i even spell that correctly?))…

you know when you get a song stuck in your head and the more you try actively to not think of it so it goes away, the more it repeats? i’ve had a song by blues traveler (at least it’s good music) stuck in my head for days now. the thing is that the song isn’t relevant to my current situation (it’s about a break-up… yeah… ironic right?) so i don’t know why it won’t go away. i also don’t know where it came from, i must’ve heard it on the radio i suppose. doesn’t matter.

so in my search to get said song out of my head, i’ve been revisiting the music i grew up with. and i still love all of it, well all of it that i liked in the first place. sister hazel, blues traveler, goo goo dolls, etc. are the soundtrack of my youth and i love it. it’s been quite an experience reconnecting with songs that i still know all the words to. it’s funny how when i sing something, i can remember the words. i know more lyrics than any other type of information it seems. maybe i should have sung my chemistry homework in high school?

gah, i love music. and photography. and life.


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