Conferences people… Conferences.

I love conferences. Granted, this is only the second one I’ve been to, but you have to understand… They give out free pens like its nobody’s business. And this speaks to my inner bartender in ways you couldn’t imagine.

So here’s the thing about this post, it’s not exactly about conferences (even though, as we have established, I love them).

So, you know those bittersweet moments that have a way if sneaking up on you? just when you think you’ve gotten past the surprise, you’re smacked out of left field with the past?

That happened to me today.

Those of you who know me for real already know the story I’m about to tell, but its still something I have to just say. I had this amazing friend. Like for reals. She was a great mom, a good manager, and one of the most genuine people the world has ever seen.

So we drove across the country once, well almost anyways. 1980 miles. 7 states. 42 hours. At the time many people asked us how we put up with each other for that intense amount of time. The answer is easy, we talked. A whole freaking lot. About everything. When she started hallucinating from a combination of no sleep and too much red bull, I talked her down. When I did the same and saw fireworks and monkeys that didn’t really exist… She made me pull over and switch so we didn’t crash.

I can’t really explain what Terrie was to me because there are no words. We all have (at least) that one friend who transcends friendship and becomes family. I am fortunate to have many of them. But T was my other mother (if you can have one of those), my solid place to go when my brain overloaded.

Three months after we went on this trip, had this adventure, she was killed in a car accident. On the way to work. 5 miles from home. We went 1980 miles and she was killed in 5. Miles. From. Home.

Today, for the first time… Almost exactly to the freaking day, 6 years later, I drove on that road again. I traveled to Phoenix in my mind. I did not expect that, but it happened. And in the end? I realized that I gotta go on. Life is what it is. I MISS Terrie. But I still am ya know… Me.


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