on beerfests and bone marrow

apparently, there is this magical place called “beerfest” in the high country. it exists for a brief moment in time, it brings smiles, breaks hearts, causes the occasional arrest… you know… the usual things associated with a bunch of 21-something-year-olds. i myself have never experienced it… until this year.

so. beerfest. now like any other (well a lot of other) grown adults i enjoy beer. no, i am not a young college kid looking to get drunk as fast as i can, i actually like trying new beer and figuring out what they did/included/changed in the process to make it taste differently. i am a beer snob. i admit it. if i choose to drink (which isn’t quite as often as you would think) i find myself choosing what to drink based on my prefered tastes rather than the volume of alcohol my wallet can afford.

that being said, bring me to a festival celebrating the art of craft beers on my birthday (weekend)? no-brainer. i have a very good friend who graciously bought me a ticket so that i could go for the first time. i had fun. will i be repeating the experience? we’ll see.

another thing i did for my birthday is register for “be the match.” now what is “be the match” you ask? it’s a national bone marrow donation registry. the theory is that someday, someone who needs it will be matched with me and i will go to the hospital, get put to sleep, and they will take my bone marrow in hopes of saving someone elses life.

so why is this such a big deal to me? i mean, i donate blood every two months or so. why is this different? well, you see i really don’t like pain. and should they need me… it’s gonna hurt. but when i think about it, if i were the one with leukemia or if it were my brother, my nephew… what’s a little pain? everyone who needs a match is a brother, a sister, a mom, a dad, a nephew. so what’s the difference if they are mine or someone elses?

so if you get a chance, check it out at http://bethematch.org/Home.aspx. all it takes is a little time and a swab of the inside of your cheek. chances are you won’t ever get called, but if you do it could mean the difference between just today and lots of tomorrows for someone in need. besides, you could totally pull the sympathy “but i saved a life and now i’m in pain” card for at least a week right? we’re talking presents here people. presents.


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