summah summah summah time

tell the truth. you’ve missed me haven’t you? i know you’ve been going through withdrawal, don’t worry, it’s ok… i’m back.

where have i been you ask? well, the truth is, i just freaking love summer. summer time really revs up for me since i pick up a couple of extra jobs oh and there’s that whole outdoor thing. i love outside. seriously. however, you can’t really live where i live and not at least have a healthy respect for it. but seriously, it’s one of the more beautiful places on earth and as a girl with a camera, well, you get the picture (see! my ability to pun hasn’t completely deserted me!)

i want to share something with you. you know that one friend that you have that you have the most random conversations with? well, i’ve recorded a few. i would like to say as a disclaimer, we are both very healthy, functional adults who have direction and have accomplished many of our life goals. that being said, we aren’t always mature.

conversation 1: now, just in case you don’t know this, i don’t handle being sick well. i get cranky and bitchy and impatient and i just want to be left alone. but i also don’t want to do the things for myself that normally, i don’t mind doing at all, like say… turning off the overhead light.


conversation 2: we are not alcoholics (i don’t think) however we do have a very healthy respect for the ability to unwind and let loose with the aid of a tasty adult beverage. and yes, sometimes that can affect our choices. specifically those regarding how we view interior design.


conversation 3: again, we don’t really abuse our privileges of being over 21, but sometimes, two unrelated things, such as tequila and my insane geriatric dog absolutely go hand in hand.


also, just in case you were wondering, yes, i do have permission to use these. please make her dream of being famous come true!


so, it’s that time of year again where the Blowing Rock Community Foundation starts it’s annual Community Days. I’ve been bumped up from lowly beer wench (ok so that was actually a pretty fun time) and this year will be participating in Groovy Nights.

“what is Groovy Nights?” you may ask… well guess what, i’m gonna tell you. my community has a lot of talent. seriously. now talent at what, you will have to just find out for yourself. but once a year, we all get together and get on stage with one (well maybe two) purposes to (a) make you laugh until you pee yourself and (b) raise money for the community. as you know, i am a champion for my community because they send kids like me to college. they make dreams come true.

so my aunt asked me if i would help them out this year. immediately i said “sure!” then, she said the dreaded words:

“yeah, it’s this really neat dance called the illusion dance”

DANCE??? oh crap. i can’t dance. i have not rhythm. and i’m clumsy. oh double crap. well, i looked up this dance and it didn’t look too hard, even for someone like me. that is, until i realized that we will all be attached to one another. triple crap. so if i go down, we all go down.

anything for a laugh right?

i’m sure that i’ll keep you up to date on how the performance goes off. i will say that so far, there has been no bodily harm or permanent injury. i’ve only stubbed my toe and haven’t managed to take out half the female population of my family (btw, the other dancers are my aunts, a cousin, and some close family friends). i’m actually looking forward to it, i just hope i can keep a straight face and that my wig doesn’t fall off mid-performance.

sigh. the things i get into.

in other news of the summer, i got to work the symphony again this year… FIREWORKS! i really, really love fireworks. i have since i was a kid. and unfortunately because of the gross weather and other commitments i didn’t get to see any at the fourth of july (yeah, first time in probably 25 years or more). so instead i got a front row seat to see them over a lake. i’m a lucky, lucky girl.

enjoy your summer, there isn’t much left. bonus points if you recognized the lyrical reference in the title.



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