if you don’t want my opinion, don’t read this.

probably an obvious statement since this is a blog… about my opinions… yeah, so…

however, i wanted to go ahead and put this disclaimer out there. i’m going to address a social issue as i’m sure many many people around the united states are today. today is a big day. just in case you didn’t know it, the supreme court is convening on the issue of gay marriage. it’s been a long time coming.

i try and not shove my opinions regarding politics, religion, or other social issues at others. if you ask, i will tell you. if we disagree, that is your right. however, this particular issue is one that is very close to my heart as it affects some of my closest friends in a very personal way.

so here’s the thing. i can’t remember making a conscious choice to be heterosexual. it’s just part of who i am. the same way i have my dad’s eyes and my grandmothers cheekbones. no one asked me if i wanted any of these traits. for those of you who think it is a conscious choice, i ask you… did you choose not to be gay? at what point did you make that choice? did you wake up one morning and think “you know, i have thought about this and deliberated. i’ve weighed the pros and cons and i have decided i am going to be straight. yep that’s me… i made a conscious decision based on logic and reason.” oh… you didn’t you say? well then who are you to say they made a choice not to be straight? who you are is who you are. it. is. not. a. choice.

i have also met some truely ignorant people who… rather than stating their own personal opinion on the matter… hide it behind their religion. that is a shame. remember those WWJD bracelets that were all the rage? what would he do? how would he feel? personally, i feel he would be appalled. i feel he would think it abominable that someone would hate another person because of who they are. by the way… that’s also descrimination. remember civil rights? look how well being ugly to someone because of the color of their skin turned out.

by the way? if God is love (which i have heard more times than i could imagine) how canĀ GodĀ hate?

i know that i’m rambling and i know that not everyone in this world agrees with me. i respect that. you have a basic right to have your opinion. just as you have a basic right to love. it’s human. and i feel that the right to be married and express that love is also basic. now i have seen this over and over but i seriously would like to know how gay marriage is going to hurt straight marriage? how? please be specific. orientation doesn’t hurt marriage… people who are unsuited for eachother or don’t put forth the effort hurt marriage.

we are so lucky to have all that we have in this world. i’m grateful every single day for everything i have been able to do. one day, if it’s right, i would love to look back and say that i’m grateful i got married. and i want every person in this country to be able to do the same.


Adventures in apple pie making

I’m going to bake a pie. I am sad to admit that at 28, a born and bred southern girl, have never made an apple pie from scratch. I know this is a travesty. I’ve been thinking about it for days. So I’m gonna make a pie.

I found a recipe that looks good and will sort of follow it. You may not know this about me, but I’m actually a decent cook… I just don’t follow recipes exactly. So… Lets get started.


I’m using Pink Lady apples and am adding raisins. Now for the fun part of chopping apples. Fortunately I was smart enough years ago to invest in an apple corer (that spelled right? Meh)


So, I added raisins. This smells good. Oops… May have overfilled that. Maybe it’ll cook down?


Well… Now I know what it means to “cut in” butter. Happy kitchen hint… Don’t use frozen butter.


I must say, I’m very content with my world right now. The dishes are done, the pie’s in the oven, and even though its not the cleanest it’s ever been (granted that’s still not dirty… I’m a clean freak), the house sure does smell good.

So, while its baking… There’s this show called The Walking Dead. I know you’ve heard of it. It’s about zombies. I know… Some of you may believe in zombies or at least the possibility of them. Yeah… I don’t so I have avoided this show like the plague. Well, a friend finally talked me into watching it. Guess what?

It’s actually a good show.

If I distance myself from it enough to turn off my inner snark who is screaming “zombies Stephanie? Really?” And focus on the fact that its not a show about zombies, those are nearly the catalyst for a show about humanity and the many faces that can be found. It’s good. Because you look at each of these characters and you see little pieces of yourself-yes, even the bad, selfish pieces you would rather not acknowledge.

Anyway, back to pie. It smells really good.

Yep. Made me a pie. Thank you, thank you very much.