holy zumba batman!

most people i know have heard of zumba. many of them have done zumba. a few of them do zumba on a regular basis. until yesterday, i fell into the first category. you see, the thing is… shhh, don’t spill my secret… i’m really not coordinated. i can walk across a flat ground with nothing in my way and fall down. i have bruises and have no idea where they came from. add to that… i have no rhythm. for reals. none.

in fact, when i was a sophomore in college, we had to learn a dance. it was for the student government associateion lip sync contest. i had to learn a dance that involved the shag, the salsa, and the hand jive. now. it’s not simply that i have no rhythm, it’s also that my un-rhythyms in the upper and lower half of my body are completely different. so, this dance was about 5 minutes long. no big right? even i should be able to do that right?


it took 2.5 weeks of practice, almost every day after class, for HOURS before i got my feet in the right place at the right time. even then they put me in the back because i still was pretty terrible. remember in the old cartoons where the coyote would put one foot where it was supposed to be and the rest of him followed? yeah, not so much for me. my center of balance doesn’t allow for that. eh.

SO zumba. my dear friend ashley has been trying to get me to do this with her for weeks. she loves it. naturally, i have been super hesitant because, for those of you that don’t know, zumba is a mixture of fast paced dances (latin, indian, hip hop, you name it…) and aerobics moves, neither of which my body is balanced for. funny thing is i can ski with balance and a semblance of grace. maybe my feet are just too small and if they were bigger it wouldn’t be so hard. meh.

i arrive at class and i’m immediately relieved to see a couple of people who not only i know, but feel completely comfy enough in front of to make an absolute fool out of myself and be ok with it. once i signed a waiver promising not to sue if my own clumsiness turned out to be my downfall (i know… right? it’s like she saw me coming) class started.

after the first two songs, the instructor says “ok great warm-up!” ahem. i looked at ash and was like ???? that’s a warmup? now don’t get me wrong. i regularly use the elliptical and work-out pretty hard on it, i ski, i hike, i run, i walk… but this was different.

i can promise this though, once you get through the first few songs, it does get easier. just like runners high, if you can get over the hurdle… you’ll be fine.

an hour very quickly passed. i have never smiled so much while exercising. for reals! it was FUN. and best of all? even though i definitely didn’t nail every (or even most) moves,

i. didn’t. fall. down.


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