happy national singles awareness day!

i know that i post a lot of things on here pertaining to my current single lady status, but it’s part of who i am. it dictates the plans i make (never spend new years eve with a group of couples… or at least disappear for the countdown to midnight) and the events i participate in. it doesn’t define me, but it is part of my definition.

valentines day in fact originated based on the legend of saint valentine who, for some reason, is quite a mystery. there are multiple legends surrounding the figure, one of which is that he was martyred for performing marriage ceremonies to people (soldiers etc.) who were not given the right to marry. if this is the case… hm. now is not the time for a social rant.

anyhoo. so the celebration of a saint has evolved into a widely recognized celebration of romantic love. sweet. celebrate right? i just hope that those people who go all out and above and beyond on valentines day aren’t trying to make up for not celebrating what they have the rest of the year. you love every day. i hope no one every uses one day devoted to celebrations rather than making someone feel loved because it’s a tuesday. serious.

snarky as it may seem upon first reading/hearing, valentines day is also national singles awareness day (allthough some celebrate it right before or after). the sad truth is that on that one day a year, our single status is pointed out to us relentlessly and it becomes hard to ignore. so, why not turn it into a holiday for itself right? just because i’m not half of another whole doesn’t mean that i don’t love. i love intentionally and with my whole heart, it just doesn’t happen to be directed at any one person who is my other half.

so, in what has now become an annual tradition a good friend of mine get all fancy and go out to fancy dinner on valentines day. not to mourn the fact that we’re single, but to celebrate that we are strong, confident women who don’t necessarily have to be part of a romantic relationship to celebrate the day.

i also need to just brag a little bit about my awesome dad-intine (get it… ’cause most little girls number 1 valentine is always their dad) who has never failed to send me flowers at work on NSA day to remind me that i’ll always be #1 daughter (even if i am the only one).


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