it’s all water under (and over… and around) the bridge right?

welcome to boone weather… where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter. really… they don’t. if you’ve never experienced the frustration at having to run your heat and air conditioning all in the same day or had an entire wardrobe in your car to deal with weather related clothing crises, you obviously haven’t lived in boone. you don’t like the weather here? wait 5 minutes, it’ll change. i’m not sure if this phenomenon is due to our location versus weather patterns or if we’re just lucky but eh. it’s boone. you embrace it and roll.

this week has been especially weird. monday night was the perfect night to ski (i should know… i was there). it was about 40* and the snow was only an eensy bit slushy (sigh… you can’t have powder and warm weather…). by the way, i’m trying to teach two of my friends to ski. they’re doing great. getting back on track… tuesday brought spring in a 24 hour jar. it was 65*, sunny, and amazing. it was january in boone. i was entirely jealous of all the people sleeping in hammocks outside. insanely jealous that i had to work. inside. oh well.

what’s a little rain right? of course, within our microcosm of spring we have to have the showers. WRONG. 6 inches of rain in 4 hours when the ground is already saturated? no. joke.

we kept hearing reports of roads closed, people being evacuated, emergency shelters. by the way… this is the mountains not some flat area of land where water collects. our flood water flows. so. i finally decide if i’m going to go home… i need to get on that. i’ve seen things flooded here before. but not like this. i have what i consider to be a pretty darn good car… it’s relatively high off the ground and has good tires so i thought there would be no problem for me to get home if i could just figure out how to get there.

you see, there are 3 ways to get to my house. the first way was closed so i turned around to try to go a different way. did you know that in the dark you can’t tell the difference between a couple of inches of water and over a foot? yeah. i made that dumbass move. have you ever seen a wall of water come towards your car? holy crap it’s really scary. i mean really. once i realized that i was in the middle of a river (not kidding… the water slowed my car down) i had to make one of those split second decisions that mean the difference between having a terrifying experience and winding up on television due to stupidity.

so. pedal down and keep going.

fortunately, i have an amazing car that has gotten me through a lot, including a river that normally runs underneath the road. for just a second, i wasn’t sure we (me and the green machine) were gonna make it, but we came out on the other side. lesson learned. i went the other way only to be stopped because someone else wasn’t as lucky as i and had to be rescued. finally, i made it home.

so bring on yet another weather change.  you know how wet stuff tends to freeze when it gets to a certain temperature? the flood froze. yesterday morning brought a winter wonderland with magical fluffy snow and frigid temperatures. and a layer of ice on my driveway that had me crawling down my drive way. this morning? 3-4 inches of snow and a bitchin cold wind.

there you have it kids. boone in a nutshell. a weeks worth of your average boone weather.


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