Hit the road jack, and dontchya come back no more…

It’s strange, I never thought I’d be one of those people who travelled a lot for her job. Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to travel, my aunt used to travel for her job all over the world. She used to tell some really great stories.

One story in particular that I remember is from a time when she was in the United Arab Emirates opening a new restaurants. Her job (one that I would probably love to do for a few years) was to travel all over the world training the managers and front of house staff in order to get them ready to go.

The story is this: my dear auntie and her work team got arrested… I won’t get into why, suffice to say there was a rather large miscommunication between her group and… Well the police. So everyone was taken into custody. Believe it or not, the debacle made the front page news for the paper (think New York Times).

There are three takeaways from this story.

one. American jails are cushy.
two. Language barriers cause problems.
three. Key chains from certain parts of the world don’t hold up for shit.

Seriously… My keychain lasted like a week. So much for souvenirs. Back on track now. So I’ve actually done quite a bit of traveling lately for my job. True to family form, thank you Jess, almost every single time I go anywhere something ridiculous happens. Examples include but aren’t limited to freak snow storms, tornado watches, inappropriate errr propositions. You get the picture.

Well, today’s adventure really took the cake. I’m only on a day trip to Raleigh. So I left early enough to get some lunch before class. I’m pretty stoked to goto one of my favorite restaurants for lunch which, fortunately, is right across the street from where I need to be.

First thing to note is this. When I left Boone (elevation 3400 feet) it was a balmy 65*, albeit raining. From the time I left until reaching Raleigh (elevation much lower thus hella warmer) the temperature dropped to maybe 50*. Yeah, I also didn’t bring a jacket.

Back to the restaurant. I made good enough time that I had an hour for lunch. This turns out to be a huge blessing actually. I ordered my food started catching up on my email and then my friendly neighborhood waitress brought my delicious food.

Three bites in and I’m jolted out of my comfort food zone by the most abrasive glaring sound I’ve ever experienced. Hands over my ears I look around and all the other patrons mirror my confused and potentially hearing damaged look. Oh! It’s a fire alarm! Really? Really?

Begrudgingly, after a very confused couple of minutes, we all move on out. Keep in mind, there is no smoke, no flame. Once outside, two things happen. One: I start to freeze my jacketless ass off. Two: I randomly spot a friend I haven’t seen in a while. We have a brief conversation. I continue to freeze.

Many people now, amidst the screaming of the fire engines, are leaving. I don’t since a) I want my lunch and b) I no longer have time to go anywhere else. I return inside, eat my food, pay and leave.

Best part of all of it? When we got back into the restaurant, they played the following songs:

Burnin Down the House
We Didn’t Start the Fire
Disco Inferno

Best. Recovery. Ever.


ooh baby it’s cold outside.

really imaginative title right? especially since i’m going to talk about the┬álove of my winter life. skiing. i don’t know if i have mentioned this before but i’m super uncoordinated and clumsy most of the time. the only time i don’t feel that way is on a set of skis. dunno why. i have bruises and scars that i couldn’t tell you where they came from but on a set of skis, i exude grace. well, maybe not exude… and maybe not grace, but i don’t fall or cause others to so we’re getting somewhere.

now, i know all you snowboarders out there are rolling your eyes. well, i did try to snowboard… for a whole season i tried. and i just can’t get it. maybe it’s a mental thing. but i grew up on skis. literally. my love affair with skiing started at the ripe old age of 3 when my babysitter took me and my brother. and it never stopped. unfortunately as i get older, life gets in the way and tickets get more expensive which makes it much harder to spend every single spare moment on the slopes. but it’s like riding a bike.

when we were younger, my brother was quite the competitive skiier. i remember going to all his races and he totes kicked ass. i remember when he was like 12 he was clocking times in the grand slolom better than the 18 year olds. i tried practicing with the team once. i had a blast until i realized they wear helmets for a reason. yep, hitting your head on a pole that isn’t a breakaway will remind you why they are important. i’m talking blood running down the side of your face important.

i can’t remember not wanting to ski. for me, it just feels like an extension of myself… it’s as natural as breathing. and i can’t wait to get back out there. it just doesn’t feel like winter until that first day on the snow. unfortunately, due to circumstance, i’ve only gone a handful of times in the past couple of years. i know… you don’t have to say it. i will say this… frankly, last year’s pitiful winter wasn’t very motivating. in fact, i spent more time hiking than any other winter activity.

so, tonight i’ll get back to what i love for the first time this year. eek! so excited.