birthin’ babies and all that jazz

i’ve been remiss in my updates, my bad! so i have a new kiddo in my life. k was supposed to arrive on the 24th, but unlike all the others in my family, he showed up early. as of october 30, i am officially an aunt. he even got to wear his first halloween costume (a bib that said “first halloween”) as teenie weenie super preemie. yeah i’m cheesy like that. it’s really neat how tiny he is. like seriously, how can something so small (a whopping 5 pounds) have such a big effect on our lives.¬†granted it scares the everliving crap out of me too. and i do know that everyone says their baby is the most beautiful in the world but really, my nephew is.

i need to buy some shoes for work. and it’s really stressing me out. i do not like shopping at all. really i don’t. but hey, shoes are better than clothes right? sometimes the new styles of shoes just terrify me. eh. maybe i don’t get fashion. for example. the pointy toe thing (that may have gone out of style by now)… seriously? do my shoes need to be a deadly weapon? and why can they not make heels that are comfortable. do not tell me you are comfortable in heels or that you’ve trained your feet… you haven’t, you’re just blocking out the pain. we came into this world barefoot (and… well… just bare) and trust me, not with our toes pointed down in a heel like pattern.

also the holidays are knocking on our doorstep. wow… really? is 2012 almost gone? it’s been quite a year. and it’s been an amazing one. i’ve accomplished so much, seen so many cool things, expanded my heart and charged ahead. and yet that teenie tiny little voice in my head say’s “don’t get ahead of yourself stephanie… just go with what you have.” sometimes you just need to remember to ground yourself and not get carried away.

speaking of holidays, i baked my first pumpkin pie of the season. granted, i was feeling lazy, so i used the pumpkin pie mix but still. an effort was made. it turned out pretty darn good, just a little wiggly. i’ll be bartending on thanksgiving this year so come on out and have a drink for me! and give me lots of holiday money so i can spend it all on my nephew! okthanks. i promise i’ll get back in the habit of writing more and updating you on things that i think are important. until then, pip pip cheerio and