october is national bullying prevention month. i’ve been a very lucky girl that i wasn’t bullied much as a kid. it did happen, but i was fortunate that i had friends who were supportive and amazing and because of this, i was able to shrug off bullying. others aren’t so lucky it seems. i’ve heard people say things like “he/she needs to have a thicker skin” or “just brush it off.”

here’s the thing. in order for someone to stand up, he or she’s got to have someone to stand behind them. someone who has their back, who will listen and support, and be aware enough to know when a person’s needing more than just a friend. so please use this month to not only remind your kids, neices, nephews, and other school age kids that bullying is painful and destructive, remind them that it’s just as important to remain a positive force for awesomeness so that no one has to struggle alone against bullying. and that’s not just a message for kids, but adults too.

it’s october in boone. i have a love/hate relationship with october in boone. i love the beauty, the colors, the upcoming time with family, tailgating, football, friends, etc. i hate traffic, tourists who act superior, tourists who can’t drive, tourists who think they aren’t tourists, tourists who don’t tip, and using both heat and air conditioner in the same day.

but damn october is pretty up here.

around this time of year the restaurant business really picks up. i mean really. it’s just past peak week here in boonetown and i’ve been getting my ass kicked at the restaurant (job number two). it’s great for all my waitstaff, bussers, and expos, but exhausting for me. i’ll get over it. here are some lessons from a long time server/bartender/hostess/cashier/busser/yougetthepointi’vedoneitall (i may write a whole book about it one day so consider yourself previewed):

  • as a waitstaff one must realize that just because someone asked you a question you’ve been asked about 700,000 times (and counting) that does not mean they should know the answer. don’t fault them for asking a quesiton even if it annoys you.
  • as a customer, remember that your server is a human being, they’re going to screw up sometimes and unfortuately this may be on your order. be patient and give them a chance to fix it. communicate with your server. if there is still a problem, then it’s time to talk with a manager. often a server can fix something quickly and easily.
  • restaurant employees: you. are. not. an. island. you need help, well so do others. please work as a team.
  • customers, the best way to get great service is to tip well. and i don’t mean that 10% is a good tip. tipped employees are taxed on the food that you eat. that’s right… you get to pay tax on the food and so do they. 20% people. 20% (or more). if the service is a problem, see bullet point 2. if the problem persists, ask for a manager.

ok, i’m done with my october soapbox. here’s a pretty picture.


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