friendship according to wikipedia

according to wikipedia, friendship can be defined as:

Having a good relationship with someone, called a friend. People in a friendship have respect and affection for each other. A friendship is different from a romantic relationship; friends do not necessarily love each other romantically.

Friends spend time together to talk or do activities they both enjoy. Friends can help each other by giving advice. Sometimes people tell their secrets to their friends. Usually friends have similar interests. For example, they might both like skateboarding or playing a musical instrument. Often, friends tease each other, but this is meant playfully.

you know maybe it’s just me, but, sometimes friendship is way more complicated than this. sometimes you are so wrapped up in a friendship, you don’t know where you end and they begin. it happens, friends are the family we get to choose afterall. i suppose i’m saying that this definition is friendship, but maybe not all of what friendship is.

i adore all of my friends. we have that amazing relationship where no matter the amount of time or distance, we can still find that intangible connection that made us part of a cohesive whole. we are pretty darn amazing if i do say so myself.

one thing that i can start to forget is that friendship doesn’t necessarily have to be that complicated. sometimes when you are so intrenched in a friendship that your autonomy slips away unnoticed the beauty of the entire relationship can get damaged. it’s when you start letting a friendship define you that you also forget that you and your friend have to define the friendship while maintaining individuality.  not saying that it’s not ok to create that bond with someone, just to remember that the bond was forged by the simplicity of commonality.

(by the way… this is a personal acknowledgement, not a judgement on my friends. i’m one of those people who can lose herself in a friendship)

what’s spurred this introspection is a simple sunday tradition. this summer, a group of friends and i have been doing brunch/lunch/dinner at least once a week (usually sundays, we call them sunday funday). i have shared more laughs and sarcastic comments this summer than in many previous ones. and it’s just that simple. there’s nothing there to complicate that pure friendship for me and it’s been fabulous. nothing in this world can replace the best friends who know you inside out and upside down, but it’s amazing to have all different kinds of friendships, and all different kinds of friends.



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