close your eyes girl, look inside girl

i adore music. all music. i’ll listen to anything once. however one of my favorite genres is classic/60s/70s/80s/early 90s rock (yes i recognize there are distinctions in there, but that’s my era that i love). i was raised on a steady diet of allman brothers, journey, kansas, you name it. in fact, the best concert i’ve ever been to hands down has been kansas at farthing auditorium. so today, i asked my dear friend emily (yes, my farmers market accomplice for those of you who keep up) what was the first song off the top of her head.

drumroll please:

magic carpet ride (not the disney version) the one by steppenwolf (exact words). for those of you who don’t remember or have never heard this or aren’t as enamored with this era of music as i am, it goes a lil something like this (youtube it if you need to):

I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine
On a cloud of sound I drift in the night
Any place it goes is right
Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here

Well, you don’t know what we can find
Why don’t you come with me little girl
On a magic carpet ride
You don’t know what we can see
Why don’t you tell your dreams to me
Fantasy will set you free
Close your eyes girl
Look inside girl
Let the sound take you away

Last night I held Aladdin’s lamp
And so I wished that I could stay
Before the thing could answer me
Well, someone came and took the lamp away
I looked around, a lousy candle’s all I found

Well, you don’t know what we can find
Why don’t you come with me little girl
On a magic carpet ride
Well, you don’t know what we can see
Why don’t you tell your dreams to me
Fantasy will set you free
Close your eyes girl
Look inside girl
Let the sound take you away

You don’t know what we can find
Why don’t you come with me little girl
On a magic carpet ride
Well, you don’t know what we can see
Why don’t you tell your dreams to me

now, i personally love this song. it reminds me of college when i was going through my hippie phase and, shall we say, wasn’t quite as responsible as i am now. however, i also heard it growing up and still listen to this day. it speaks of adventure into the unknown and magic. it also speaks of introspection and letting the music speak to you. it’s an ode to where your brain can take it under the right circumstances (cough cough…) and with the right people. step out of your grounded reality just for a little bit and see where fantasy takes you.

i’ve been spending far too much time myself lately being grounded in the day-to-day ups, downs, ins, and outs of adulthood. new job, new responsibilities, you know how it is. but for the most part, i really like it. i’m learning something new every single day and being challenged to stretch my knowledge base. but songs like me make me remember, you can’t be serious and responsible all the time. it’ll weigh you down until you can’t stand for the strain of the weight on your shoulders.

so today loyal (or maybe not so loyal, i’m not really sure, nor do i care) i have a challenge for you. have a daydream. imagine little people living in the woods. make up a story about the person sitting next to you in traffic. sing a silly song. challenge yourself to throw off the filters of life and reality, even if it’s just for a few minutes. remember you are a kid (or you used to be and that kid is still somewhere inside you banging on the walls to be given a breath of fresh air). let your mind flow free of incumbrance and the stigma of what you should and should not do.

do it.


i love this.

boys, a disclaimer (although really i’m about 99% positive most of the views on this site for me are female), boys i love you. you are all awesome, attractive, and fun to hang out with. i hope that one day, one of you will be the right one that i could see myself settling down with. but i’m ok if that doesn’t happen.

that being said, i flipping love this

it just made my day. and does over and over again everytime i see it. sometimes princesses aren’t supposed to meet their prince charming. and that’s ok.

friendship according to wikipedia

according to wikipedia, friendship can be defined as:

Having a good relationship with someone, called a friend. People in a friendship have respect and affection for each other. A friendship is different from a romantic relationship; friends do not necessarily love each other romantically.

Friends spend time together to talk or do activities they both enjoy. Friends can help each other by giving advice. Sometimes people tell their secrets to their friends. Usually friends have similar interests. For example, they might both like skateboarding or playing a musical instrument. Often, friends tease each other, but this is meant playfully.

you know maybe it’s just me, but, sometimes friendship is way more complicated than this. sometimes you are so wrapped up in a friendship, you don’t know where you end and they begin. it happens, friends are the family we get to choose afterall. i suppose i’m saying that this definition is friendship, but maybe not all of what friendship is.

i adore all of my friends. we have that amazing relationship where no matter the amount of time or distance, we can still find that intangible connection that made us part of a cohesive whole. we are pretty darn amazing if i do say so myself.

one thing that i can start to forget is that friendship doesn’t necessarily have to be that complicated. sometimes when you are so intrenched in a friendship that your autonomy slips away unnoticed the beauty of the entire relationship can get damaged. it’s when you start letting a friendship define you that you also forget that you and your friend have to define the friendship while maintaining individuality.  not saying that it’s not ok to create that bond with someone, just to remember that the bond was forged by the simplicity of commonality.

(by the way… this is a personal acknowledgement, not a judgement on my friends. i’m one of those people who can lose herself in a friendship)

what’s spurred this introspection is a simple sunday tradition. this summer, a group of friends and i have been doing brunch/lunch/dinner at least once a week (usually sundays, we call them sunday funday). i have shared more laughs and sarcastic comments this summer than in many previous ones. and it’s just that simple. there’s nothing there to complicate that pure friendship for me and it’s been fabulous. nothing in this world can replace the best friends who know you inside out and upside down, but it’s amazing to have all different kinds of friendships, and all different kinds of friends.


a whole lot of love going on

love comes in so many different ways. it can be simple or complicated, innate or developed, found or lost. you can have faith in it, you can hate it, you can look for it or let it look for you. any way that you look at it, it’s a part of everyone. obviously i’m not necessarily speaking about romantic love exclusively as i don’t really have a basis for comparison there but that essential link to another person or an animal, a hobby, a book… doesn’t matter what it is, at some point, no matter how deeply or shallowly (is that even a word?) we are all affected by it.

a quote has been on my mind a lot lately, as well as a song (we’ll get to that one later):

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

now, that’s not to say that it isn’t also hard work or that it can make us feel strung upside down. especially when it goes away. but essentially, i think that’s got it. i honestly can tell you why this has been running through my head so much lately, i gave up on the whys of what goes through my head a very long time ago. i guess i’ll just keep on thinking about it and go with the flow. maybe i just am needing to remind myself that everyone has this potential in them, including me, and that we need to let it out there. tell our friends, our family, our pets. express it through word thought or deed. care about people with your whole heart, without condition, without reservation. maybe i just need to remember that more.

on to round two of this post. a song. it isn’t the best song ever written but again… doesn’t have to be. it’s called “ronan” and it’s co-written by taylor swift. it was written to help raise money for a great program called stand up 2 cancer ( if it isn’t obvious, the mission is to kick cancers ass one day. lyrics sample:

“Come on baby with me, we’re gonna fly away from here
You were my best four years
I remember your barefeet down the hallway
I love you to the moon and back.”

i can’t get this out of my head. we’ve all lost someone to cancer or know someone who has. it sucks. a lot. i wish someone could wave a magic wand and make it disappear. maybe one day it’ll happen. the really cool thing is that everyone can do something to help. donate blood, give contributions, visit, love people who have it. i have a friend named lauren. her mother has been a real trooper throughout the whole thing and has a blog that really helps you understand the emotions that roll through you like tidal waves. once i get permission, i’ll put it here. if you have gone through or know someone who knows this battle, check it out.

know there’s love out there. many many kinds. take it in, rejoice in it because there are so many things in this world that will try and take it away from you. don’t let it. fight for love any way you can get it.

ps. read it.

stephanie and oren ride rides. and other vacation nonsense.

after years of not, i took a vacation and went to see a friend of mine who is stationed in norfolk VA. we went to busch gardens on friday. if you’ve never heard of this (i certainly hadn’t), there is a podcast called “mike and tom eat snacks” so being the cool, suave adults that we are, we decided the trip to busch gardens would be an adventure entitled “stephanie and oren ride rides.” original, i know. it was a good day, and yes, we rode rides. oh. and we rated them.

the scale for rating was a number, 1 – 10 which would be a combination of 3 factors. these factors were intensity, fear factor, and originality. below you will find my ratings

loch ness monster: 7 (this is one of my all time favorites, ever since i was a kid), alpengeist: 6, the griffon: 8, appolo’s chariot: 6, and finally the verbolten: 9.

i was surprised and delighted with the verbolten. seriously. while you’re standing in line the decor is a bit confusing. if you’ve ever seen the show lost, you’ll understand what a combination of research station and overgrown forest would look like. just to give you a visual. anyhoo. you get on the ride and it’s a seated two by two style coaster with lap bars. immediately, i thought ‘oh, this should be nice.’ the coaster plunges you immediately into darkness. as disorienting as this is, there are 3-d blacklighted effects that add to the illusions. and you’re like WOAH! so you go through this tunnel and feel like you’re falling out of the sky and guess what happens next? you stop. done. and everyone’s going “huh? the fu*%?” immediately the thought is that the ride is broken. then, with no warning, the bottom drops out from underneath you. literally. the entire train vertically drops a couple of stories. and immediately you are launched back into the daylight to finish the ride. i was speechless at the end. yes, you read that right… i. had. no. words.

more vacation nonsense later.

ok so later. i have one more interesting tidbit to add here (well it’s interesting to me so there’s your frame of reference). have you ever driven in a car by yourself for a long way. i mean a really long way. not a trip to another city but hundreds of miles and hours of boredom long way? yeah, i just did that. let me tell you, it gets… challenging.

to help myself pass the time i create things, scenarios, whatnot in my head. back to the issue at hand – my sheer boredom:

so for many many miles, i’ve been playing tag with another car. this car is a newer model cadillac, black, with very dark tinted windows and a dc license plate. i smell a story here. the democratic national convention is in charlotte this week and i just so happen to be on the very highway that runs from washington dc to charlotte. coincidence? i think not. i believe that inside this car is a gentleman by the name of jon q smith and that he is riding down to the dnc to protect our president. the reason he is so late in joining the party is that someone had to serve protective detail for the rest of the family while president Obama was getting where he needed to be. so now, jon, like me, is making a long ride on a long highway. i believe he and i would have bonded over this fact if we’d happened to stop and get coffee at the same place on a deserted exit.

little does mr. smith know that in my head, he is the perfect man for me. he has to be, i created my idea of his existence. in fact, i know nothing about the occupant of this car. i’m not even certain it’s a he. back to my imagination. throughout the course of our journey, a whole life unfolds. and it’s great. that’s the great thing about imagination. it can go wherever you take it. kids embrace imagination and run like fire. there is an appropriate song courtesy of sean watkins (just replace the shes with hes):

“She came up and said hello
my name is kate and i liked your show
and there was nothing i could say
but thanks come again
she didn’t know
that we got married in my head
there were christmases and dogs
and our kids’ hair was red
and as years flew by
i gazed into her eyes
and said goodbye”

later kids.