Oh nalgene boys, you make my Saturday.

I volunteered to work the beer stand today at a charity golf tournament. I knew it would most likely not be the most thrilling day of my life but it was for a really good cause. Plus… Hey… Free beer right? Yeah? That’s what I thought too. As predicted, not many people wanted michelob light at 11:30 when it was a scant 64* outside so, I settled in for the long haul.

Finally, across the rise of the fairway, I heard the dulcet tones of an iPod. In my head I was cheering. I KNEW these people wanted my beer. Two carts followed the musical sounds. I had my chance.

Following sonew good natured ribbing with a sprinkling of well laced curses and insults, one of them spied my complementary beer sign. Or maybe they just sensed my desperation for human contact. Either way, I was there to do a job. And the beer flowed.

Cart number one had the guys chugging a beer then grabbing 3 each to take with them. They were warned that they would spill, however, needless to say, they neglected to listen to their friendly neighborhood beer wench and what’s the first thing I hear upon their arrival to tee number 9?

“oh shit!”

Cart number two proved just as entertaining, yet much more savvy. Out came the Nalgene bottles and the plea for me to fill them. Fortunately, I wasn’t behind a bar and was able to oblige. I love working private. After some witty banter and catchy dialogue, I sent the boys on their way.

The day passed, and it wasn’t nearly as dull as I originally anticipated. This is why I should never make assumptions. Time passes. I went home after my shft was done and picked up my dad for dinner. Just as with free beer, I’d be crazy to pass up free dinner. Plus I had to speak again to help raise money. Thankfully I didn’t have to come upwith a new speech.

Upon arrival, we walked out to the patio and what do I hear?

“Hey! It’s our beer girl!”

Oh blessed comic relief. We had a good time. That’s it. End of story. No moral. I met some very wealthy young used-to-be-frat guys who simply wanted to have a good day. Would we have been friends in college? Probably not. Will we be friends now? Doubt it, but stranger things have happened. Simply put, it was fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, I forget how simply… Good… That can feel.

Plus they were cute. That didn’t hurt either.


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