wild horses couldn’t drag me away

so i don’t watch much tv these days. i’m a sucker for hgtv, the animal channel and tlc but that’s about it. oh! and the food network. i’m a reader. when i have free time. i’ve noticed though as i get older, my taste in the books i read have changed. i think i can attribute this to my job. when i was younger i love to be the closeted intellectual (or maybe not so closeted) who read e=mc^2 the diary of an equation (yep, read that one cover to cover) and then talked about how i now felt i understood the equation. dan brown? he so got me in his complicated, full of twists and turns and “oh is this fiction or history i can’t tell the difference.” i loved it.

these days i’m all about the easy reading. don’t make me think when i read. i have to think all day at work. i love a good story and good characters. oh it’s fabulous. even the occasional cheesy romance. very occasional.

this post is not a book review. you’ll have to find your own books to read.

what i meant to post about is the attrocious state of television these days. seriously. reality tv? that used to be animal planet. not a group of overly tanned, open shirt, bottle toting, disasters on heels. jeez. i know it’s everyone’s guilty pleasure and that’s fine. remember? i like easy to read and love books. we all have that need to get outside ourselves sometimes. it’s great that those options are out there. but it seems like that’s all that’s out there these days. either reality tv or teen melodrama (of varying degrees of intensity). i just don’t see the quality anywhere. i expect too much.

where this all came from is that today i heard “wild horses” by the sundays. this is from a soundtrack to a show that came out when i was growing up. buffy the vampire slayer.

pre-twilight and all it’s derivitives, this was a hit in the late 90’s early 00’s. this show was (and still is) one of my favorites. fortunately it didn’t inspire the insanity that twilight-mania did. anyways, this was my guilty pleasure show. i loved it. the heroine was funny, kicked ass, and imperfect. she fucked up sometimes too. the snappy comebacks and witty comments were well executed. there was always some new challenge to take on and enemy to fight. it didn’t make anyone want to be a vampire or think they lived in some universe where stuff like that was possible. oh, and it had a great soundtrack for someone who grew up in that time.

unfortunately now, that whole superhero/supernatural thing has been beaten to absolute death. cue the sad trumpet.


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