ashinator… runnin heat!

rollergirls home bout is this weekend. it’s a time honored tradition. i love the roller derby even though i’m to chicken (and uncoordinated) to actually do it. super super excited about this event. so, everyone needs to come.

for those of you out there who have never experienced a roller derby (and aren’t offended by loud rowdiness) it is really fun to watch. these girls work their butts off and train and train. they execute the sport with power and grace. they’re fierce on the track and not afraid to throw (and take) a hit. the incredible part about it? when the bout’s over and the stands are cleared, it dosen’t matter which team these girls play for. they all get together for the afterparty in a show of female solidarity that’s just awesome. teams mix, friends are made, drinks are had…

if you can make this sport a part of your life, do it.

a good friend of mine took the bar this week to practice law in the state of north carolina. wow. the bar? props dude. i would insert a witty/funny/terrible lawyer joke here, however, as he has already agreed to be my lawyer should i ever need one, i’ll refrain. his initiation into holyshitthisistherealworld has me thinking. you know how dangerous it is for me to be introspective. when do we really grow up? is there a point where we are officially “grown up”? i really don’t think so. i’ve done the milestones. i graduated school, finally, started and made great strides in my career, bought a house, got a dog. i’ve done this. i’ve taken the steps. am i a grown up? hells no. i don’t ever WANT to be a grown up. because, simply put, when you’re grown up you are done. i don’t ever want to be done. i learn so much every day from the world around me and can’t wait to soak in more of it. cheers to never growing up but always growing.

i do realize this is an ADHD post overload, but hey… comes with the territory. it’s how my brain works, and it’s going straight from brain to paper… er… keyboard. you remember diaries? like the ones with the keys and sparkles and sequins? what happened to that? i digress.

running is going … ok. i totes slacked off most of july and i’m paying for it now. BUT i’ve started that couch to 5k program and holy hell it’s actually kicking my butt. granted, part of that could be the combination of heat and stinky at the greenway (yeah, for some reason the greenway is ultra stinky right now). my fault for being a slacker. in other news, i am now the proud borrower of a bike for my days i’m not running.


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