Oh nalgene boys, you make my Saturday.

I volunteered to work the beer stand today at a charity golf tournament. I knew it would most likely not be the most thrilling day of my life but it was for a really good cause. Plus… Hey… Free beer right? Yeah? That’s what I thought too. As predicted, not many people wanted michelob light at 11:30 when it was a scant 64* outside so, I settled in for the long haul.

Finally, across the rise of the fairway, I heard the dulcet tones of an iPod. In my head I was cheering. I KNEW these people wanted my beer. Two carts followed the musical sounds. I had my chance.

Following sonew good natured ribbing with a sprinkling of well laced curses and insults, one of them spied my complementary beer sign. Or maybe they just sensed my desperation for human contact. Either way, I was there to do a job. And the beer flowed.

Cart number one had the guys chugging a beer then grabbing 3 each to take with them. They were warned that they would spill, however, needless to say, they neglected to listen to their friendly neighborhood beer wench and what’s the first thing I hear upon their arrival to tee number 9?

“oh shit!”

Cart number two proved just as entertaining, yet much more savvy. Out came the Nalgene bottles and the plea for me to fill them. Fortunately, I wasn’t behind a bar and was able to oblige. I love working private. After some witty banter and catchy dialogue, I sent the boys on their way.

The day passed, and it wasn’t nearly as dull as I originally anticipated. This is why I should never make assumptions. Time passes. I went home after my shft was done and picked up my dad for dinner. Just as with free beer, I’d be crazy to pass up free dinner. Plus I had to speak again to help raise money. Thankfully I didn’t have to come upwith a new speech.

Upon arrival, we walked out to the patio and what do I hear?

“Hey! It’s our beer girl!”

Oh blessed comic relief. We had a good time. That’s it. End of story. No moral. I met some very wealthy young used-to-be-frat guys who simply wanted to have a good day. Would we have been friends in college? Probably not. Will we be friends now? Doubt it, but stranger things have happened. Simply put, it was fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, I forget how simply… Good… That can feel.

Plus they were cute. That didn’t hurt either.


what is a community?

so for those of you who may not know my entire history (get to know me… i’m pretty much an open book), i was a recipient of a scholarship that enabled me to go to college. i can’t say with 100% certainty that i would be where i am now without it. i can’t even say that i would have been able to finish my degree. as it is, i’m the second person in my family to graduate from college. it was and is still a big deal to me that i have an education.

now that you have that background, know that i will do whatever i can to help the foundation that enabled me to do this. this includes giving impromptu speeches at dinners for patrons. and by impromptu, i mean i had like two hours notice and was fortunate to have that. but, the important thing is to get it out there right? i just hope i don’t have to do it again anytime soon… public speaking isn’t generally my forte.

so read the speech (or not) then if you can, donate some money or time or what have you to the blowing rock community foundation, cause they make people want to do more than well, they make you want to do good too.

When you look up the definition of community in the dictionary, it says that community is a group of associated nations sharing common interests or a common heritage. But I think a community is more than that. To a kid growing up in one, a community is where your parents know you’re going to be grounded before you do. It’s knowing that every other person on the street is probably on first name basis with at least one of your parents so you better watch what you say and do. It’s people just coming to sit and be with you when your grandpa dies. It’s a place that has people who take you in and embrace you as if you were their own.

i have been very fortunate to grow up as a part of a community. I am even more fortunate to have been a part of this community. the community foundation in blowing rock along with the stevens have literally helped me make my dreams come true.

my family moved up here almost 40 years ago and the blowing rock community accepted them with open arms. my greatest dream in life was to get my college degree. i applied for one of the community foundation scholarships and, very much to my surprise was awarded the stevens scholarship. i was able to get a college degree. now i just needed to figure out what to do with it.

six years and two degrees later, i accepted my job with appalachian state university and never looked back. i’m here, in a community I love doing what I love to do. And I could never have done it without the community foundation and the stevens.

wild horses couldn’t drag me away

so i don’t watch much tv these days. i’m a sucker for hgtv, the animal channel and tlc but that’s about it. oh! and the food network. i’m a reader. when i have free time. i’ve noticed though as i get older, my taste in the books i read have changed. i think i can attribute this to my job. when i was younger i love to be the closeted intellectual (or maybe not so closeted) who read e=mc^2 the diary of an equation (yep, read that one cover to cover) and then talked about how i now felt i understood the equation. dan brown? he so got me in his complicated, full of twists and turns and “oh is this fiction or history i can’t tell the difference.” i loved it.

these days i’m all about the easy reading. don’t make me think when i read. i have to think all day at work. i love a good story and good characters. oh it’s fabulous. even the occasional cheesy romance. very occasional.

this post is not a book review. you’ll have to find your own books to read.

what i meant to post about is the attrocious state of television these days. seriously. reality tv? that used to be animal planet. not a group of overly tanned, open shirt, bottle toting, disasters on heels. jeez. i know it’s everyone’s guilty pleasure and that’s fine. remember? i like easy to read and love books. we all have that need to get outside ourselves sometimes. it’s great that those options are out there. but it seems like that’s all that’s out there these days. either reality tv or teen melodrama (of varying degrees of intensity). i just don’t see the quality anywhere. i expect too much.

where this all came from is that today i heard “wild horses” by the sundays. this is from a soundtrack to a show that came out when i was growing up. buffy the vampire slayer.

pre-twilight and all it’s derivitives, this was a hit in the late 90’s early 00’s. this show was (and still is) one of my favorites. fortunately it didn’t inspire the insanity that twilight-mania did. anyways, this was my guilty pleasure show. i loved it. the heroine was funny, kicked ass, and imperfect. she fucked up sometimes too. the snappy comebacks and witty comments were well executed. there was always some new challenge to take on and enemy to fight. it didn’t make anyone want to be a vampire or think they lived in some universe where stuff like that was possible. oh, and it had a great soundtrack for someone who grew up in that time.

unfortunately now, that whole superhero/supernatural thing has been beaten to absolute death. cue the sad trumpet.

ashinator… runnin heat!

rollergirls home bout is this weekend. it’s a time honored tradition. i love the roller derby even though i’m to chicken (and uncoordinated) to actually do it. super super excited about this event. so, everyone needs to come.

for those of you out there who have never experienced a roller derby (and aren’t offended by loud rowdiness) it is really fun to watch. these girls work their butts off and train and train. they execute the sport with power and grace. they’re fierce on the track and not afraid to throw (and take) a hit. the incredible part about it? when the bout’s over and the stands are cleared, it dosen’t matter which team these girls play for. they all get together for the afterparty in a show of female solidarity that’s just awesome. teams mix, friends are made, drinks are had…

if you can make this sport a part of your life, do it.

a good friend of mine took the bar this week to practice law in the state of north carolina. wow. the bar? props dude. i would insert a witty/funny/terrible lawyer joke here, however, as he has already agreed to be my lawyer should i ever need one, i’ll refrain. his initiation into holyshitthisistherealworld has me thinking. you know how dangerous it is for me to be introspective. when do we really grow up? is there a point where we are officially “grown up”? i really don’t think so. i’ve done the milestones. i graduated school, finally, started and made great strides in my career, bought a house, got a dog. i’ve done this. i’ve taken the steps. am i a grown up? hells no. i don’t ever WANT to be a grown up. because, simply put, when you’re grown up you are done. i don’t ever want to be done. i learn so much every day from the world around me and can’t wait to soak in more of it. cheers to never growing up but always growing.

i do realize this is an ADHD post overload, but hey… comes with the territory. it’s how my brain works, and it’s going straight from brain to paper… er… keyboard. you remember diaries? like the ones with the keys and sparkles and sequins? what happened to that? i digress.

running is going … ok. i totes slacked off most of july and i’m paying for it now. BUT i’ve started that couch to 5k program and holy hell it’s actually kicking my butt. granted, part of that could be the combination of heat and stinky at the greenway (yeah, for some reason the greenway is ultra stinky right now). my fault for being a slacker. in other news, i am now the proud borrower of a bike for my days i’m not running.