class reunion

you may be of the camp that really enjoys class reunions. if so, more power to you. on the flip side, there are those like me that shudder at the thought of returning to my high school days. i just wasn’t a fan of high school. so i surrounded myself with a group of friends (a couple from high school, the rest from college) with varying ages and we became a class of our own. we are those people who can go 6 months without talking and get together and not a day has gone by. we’ve been through marriages, divorces, births, and deaths. through it all, we’ve had each other’s backs. i love these people.

so, we have our own class reunion i suppose every year. we are the asu/woodlands/caldwell/boone class of 1999-now. and sure enough, we have class reunions. the fifth annual one of these is this weekend and in addition to the excitement of seeing everyone, there’s a sense of coming home. yes, i own my own house and grew up in blowing rock, but i think of home as a feeling, not a spot. i get that feeling everyday i pull into my driveway, but also when i get a hug from my dad or play beer pong (terribly) with my friends.

this year should be interesting. i can almost predict what will happen (if you are an attendee to this shindig, look for yourself here) a postmodern interpretive dance will take place. there could possibly be a roman candle fight. someone will drink too fast and crash out shortly after dinner only to wake up and start again later. there will be tears, but also an overabundance of laughter. there will be hugs and photographs and a crazy dog. fewer of us will smoke cigarettes than the year before. we will reaffirm our amazing friendship and eat some hella good food. it will be epic.


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