if the trainer says it, then it must be true?

i don’t diet. some people might take a look at me and think “um… you may need to rethink that because you should.” if they are going to judge me on that… well i’ll just say bless their hearts. now… that doesn’t mean i haven’t dieted in the past… god knows i’ve tried everything out there. and unlike a lot of people, i don’t suck at it because i get cravings or cant stick to it since i’m not allowed to eat certain things. i just happen to get really really bored when i have to think about everything i eat, how big it is, what ingredients it contains, etc. so i gave up on dieting.

now, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that i don’t eat healthy things. i actually eat very well. not only am i fortunate in that i don’t particularly like sweets (yes… that includes chocolate) or junk food or fried food, but somewhere along the line i’ve absorbed and assimilated the “diet” information that is helpful. don’t eat until you are stuffed, get plenty of fruits and veggies, try and stay away from things that are overprocessed, greasy, or super fatty, don’t deny a craving or it will get worse, moderate, oh and my favorite one (this one’s from my dad and supported by my doctor) eat your green shit with every meal.

ok so there’s the background. now for the experiment. a friend of mine has been working out (and i mean really working her butt of) with one of the mens basketball strength and conditioning coaches. she and i have been really trying to go with the “if you aren’t going to eat less.. then you gotta move more” train of thought. and it’s been going well (more on my adventures in running later).

well, the unfortunate happened. her trainer got a better job at a bigger school (unfortunate for her… not him). his final words of wisdom for my friend were this:

  • never skip breakfast
  • make sure that breakfast includes lean protein, yogurt, and an egg
  • drink green tea in the mornings

so. she shared this with me and told me if she were to do this for 3 weeks, he promised she’d see a difference. so i’m now taking the challenge on as well. i think i can do this since i don’t have to count calories or portion size (obviously within reason). hell i’ll give it a shot. another plus side… i don’t have to think about what i’m going to eat. woah! also i’ve been doing reasearch on green tea and apparently it’s hella good for you beating up cancer and such so i’m in. plus it has caffine. hells yeah.

so i’m on day two. doing well. only thing is i had to start adding honey to the tea… i’m southern and we just can’t do unsweetened tea.


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