on nephews and flip flop tans

you know that special type of tan that we all typically get only in summer? the flip-flop tan… you know that sexy line of white going from between your first and second toe down each side of your foot that is destined to ruin your image of what you should look like in heels for the entire summer? yeah that one. as a (almost) lifetime wearer of rainbows, i have become accustomed to the flip-flop tan. i sport it proudly every day at work just as a little reminder to myself that my life does exist outside the four walls of my office. a reminder that i am a weekend warrior who can convert from suits and heels to yoga clothes and flip-flops at a moments notice. i adore my flip-flop tan and refuse to be ashamed.

speaking of weekends, i need a weekend from my weekend. did i get any housework done? no. did i mow the yard? hell no. HOWEVER i did have a pretty amazing one if i do say so myself. saturday was derby day with the appalachian rollergirls. i’ve just gotta say… i don’t ever want to cross one of them! jeez, not only do these girls know how to hit, they can take one too. i wouldn’t stand a chance. anyways, so we found out that some of their merchandise includes baby onesies. guess what baby to be got this weekend?

did i mention that come thanksgiving i should have a brand spanking new nephew? how amazing is that? i know most people would think something along the lines of “woo hoo… happens all the time and why are you boring me with this?” well kiddos, the answer is this: i’m the one writing. i digress… so this whole new generation thing is actually pretty cool. family name gets continued, and i don’t have to be the one doing it. win/win situation (well for me).

ps. i can’t wait until november.


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